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Empowering Systems with Rapid Technology Insertion

At Altron, we focus on research and development of cutting-edge software and hardware technologies to provide rapid and affordable technology insertion into mission-critical systems.


Our technologies and systems provide secure and efficient databases, logging platforms, tracking systems and near-real time solutions for critical operations and strategic planning for our customers.

Empowering data evolution with an adaptable machine learning distributed architecture

AI-Powered Precision: Detecting system anomalies with advanced machine learning


System Intelligence ― harnessing sensor data for advanced machine learning at the edge

Automated Bug Capture ― simplifying capture and playback


Automated visual location fix that can be trained to detect, isolate and track anything on land, sea or in the air

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Altron’s Unify Real-Time (UnifyRT™) simplifies your ability to seamlessly create a scalable data foundation — an ecosystem for performance monitoring, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Altron’s Unify Real-Time (UnifyRT™) provides robust data ingestion, enrichment, transport, aggregation and storage of logged data across enclaves into a central repository. It is flexible and can be integrated into almost any logging framework for numerous systems, including combat control, healthcare networks, connected and autonomous vehicles, and even home networks and home automation systems.

With a simple to operate and intuitive interface, UnifyRT improves effectiveness and reduces maintenance time. It collects data to support centralized visibility of system of systems and network performance and cybersecurity status in complex, critical environments. It provides automated installation, upgrades, and lifecycle management throughout the logging stack — the loggers, message transport, and delivery and storage.

UnifyRT Insight takes it a step further to provide the user with Insight into what is happening in the systems. It provides an interactive user interface that employs rules-based and machine learning analytics to automate root cause identification and monitoring of system issues.

UnifyRT Hive is a novel portable and pluggable data collection hardware device targeted to battlefield and commercial-edge data collection for machine learning and AI applications. Hive is engineered as a sensor integration device, strategically positioned at the edge of the network, to offer a blend of versatility and robust functionality in data handling and processing. Hive is designed to accommodate a wide range of pluggable sensors and application program interfaces, providing flexibility in data collection and ease of integration. Hive possesses the capability to deploy machine learning models directly to the edge to act as inference engines, execute machine learning models to derive insights, and make decisions based on the data collected. Hive operates both on and off-network to guarantee uninterrupted data collection in degraded and or denied communication environments.

Hive's integration with Altron's UnifyRT (URT) logging and monitoring platform is a seamless and logical expansion of Altron’s pluggable micro-services architecture. URT excels and is purpose built for collecting data from edge sensors and manages the entire data lifecycle, from ingestion and enrichment to transport, aggregation, and storage. URT provides an ecosystem for machine learning model development and deployment running as a distributed client on the Hive hardware.


UnifyRT Capture and Recreate (UCAR™) provides continuous event recording and incident capture for software test teams to enable test scripts that recreate system conditions for fix validation.

With iSo, Altron tracks the Who, What, Where and When so you can focus on the Why

iSo is a sophisticated software product that can be trained to detect, isolate and track anything on land, sea or in the air. iSo uses advanced image processing to automatically detect objects; calculate their distance, bearing and speed; and predict or follow their movement. The software can enable change detection and can be enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning to process beyond known reference points.

iSo is designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency and accuracy to a wide range of monitoring needs. Lightweight and more precise than GPS navigation, iSo has many applications — enhancing navigation, performing search and rescue missions, monitoring logistics platforms, and providing intelligent surveillance and investigative support.

iSo can be customized for variety of formats and use cases that receive video streams (such as drones, unmanned vehicles, UAVs, or navigation systems). It’s easy to install on software platforms (Windows, Linux, and macOS) and hardware platforms. It can also be deployed as an artificial intelligence application on any stationary or mobile system to enhance spatial awareness, threat detection and positioning.

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