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Mission Excellence through Advanced Systems  Engineering

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Altron has deep experience with military system solutions

Altron brings decades of experience in successful design, development, integration, test and transition of products to production using SEI CMMI Maturity Level 3 processes combined with SAFe principles. We have a proven track record of engineering mission-critical systems from requirements to deployment. The technologies and systems our teams build, provide our customers with secure and efficient databases, logging platforms, tracking systems and near-real time solutions for critical operations and strategic planning

  • Systems and Software Engineering

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Systems Integration and Test

  • Image Processing

  • Shipboard Integration

  • Sea Test/In-Service Support

Our engineers design and develop secure, complex systems using advanced technologies

Altron provides award-winning software engineering for mission-critical systems. These include Submarine Systems, Case Management Systems, Decision and Control Systems, and Connected Vehicle Systems. We are Agile developers using CMMI Level III best practices to achieve Return on Investment throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Automated testing, integration and monitoring tools

Valuable systems are constantly evolving and require continuous testing and monitoring for long-term success. Altron specializes in Automated Testing, Integration and Monitoring of complex systems using automation tools that provide cost effective comprehensive solutions.

Engineering mission-critical systems from requirements to deployment 

As part of Team Submarine, Altron is integrating a large set of new technologies — virtualization as a cost-saving architecture change, Cloud Computing services to support flexible data access, Video Over IP for real-time UAV missions, and a microservices virtualized architecture to improve interface development and subsystem independence.

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