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The secret to our success — mission-focused employees with high character and strong values

Since its inception, Altron has provided Professional Services to a variety of federal agencies, including the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Justice.


Our mission-focused employees provide Program Management, Quality Assurance, Logistics Management, Mailroom Services, Administrative Support, Document Processing and Financial Management for federal application management workflow programs.


A core component of our work is recruiting and training a diverse workforce in high-volume facilities to ensure best practices and compliance with ever-evolving policies. Our support includes Continuous Process Improvement for streamlined case management and efficiency, and working to improve knowledge management practices, document transfer protocols, encryption practices, security analyses, and forensic research related to fraud and identity theft.

Case Study: Trusted vendor to the State Department for over 25 years

Altron is a member of the team maintaining the passport processing lifecycle for the Department of State. We support field operations with a high level of interaction with managers and have successfully supported initiatives for improved service delivery, innovation, and efficiency at both the National Passport Center (NPC) and Charleston Passport Center (CPC). Altron assists the Department of State in scaling up production operations to meet changes in workloads, such as those due to a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or a significant policy change like the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative in 2007. More recently, we assisted in supporting a critical initiative related to researching and reviewing Potentially Fraudulent Birth Documentation.

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